Dapo Oni Thesis

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thesis statement.

Designers typically have a vast amount of references and rituals in order to get the creative spark they need to realize a project put in front of them. With all of this information we’re bombarded with — there needs to  be a way to filter out what is truly important to our process and ourselves as creatives. Distant memories ,meaningful conversations, music, film and encounters that we take for granted can be sources of inspiration.

Lucid dreaming coupled with mindfulness can allow a creative to have a tool in their arsenal that helps them to be a bigger step closer to realizing projects that truly tap into their most meaningful desires. Dreams that are typically bizarre and illogical can end up being more personally significant and tend to incorporate daytime events. Those who lucid dream frequently also have a greater ability to deal with more creative rather than logical tasks.

Personally lucid dreaming has encouraged me to become more aware of myself and what I desire which causes me to expose myself to certain media, experiences, and open up to conversations that feed my subconscious journeys. These subconscious journeys are reached typically through days of self-awareness, broken down there are two main components Acceptance and Presence:

“While Acceptance relates to a nonjudging, accepting, and appreciative attitude toward oneself and one’s experiences (e.g., “I am friendly to myself when things go wrong”), Presence captures the ability to be fully aware of current internal and external experiences (e.g., “I am open to the experience of the present moment”)”

-Tadas Stumbrys, Daniel Erlacher, and Peter Malinowski. Meta-Awareness During Day and Night: The Relationship Between Mindfulness and Lucid Dreaming

This attention to what I see when I’m awake and being able to tell the difference between a dream and reality is important when it comes to the emotions and recall of dreams.

My goal is to create a language that shows the interconnectedness of lucid dreaming, mindfulness, and creative problem solving concepts. Along with creating a journey that imagines the desert as an empty canvas, a wide open space ready to have thoughts and emotions manifested in a more physical form.